Staff Achievements - Liz Phillips, Bronze Medal Winner in Orienteering

Our congratulations go to Liz Phillips for her achievements at an international Orienteering competition in Belgium! 

Liz Interland

Liz in action during the competition

Liz Phillips:

“On Sunday April 2nd, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to run for England, competing at an international Orienteering competition in southern Belgium. I was pleased to finish in 3rd place in my age class, and received a bronze medal. The England team were the winners of the competition.

An Orienteering race involves finding a number of specific places in a forest as quickly as possible, using a detailed map of the forest, and a compass. Competitors start at minute intervals so they can’t follow each other, and have to choose their own routes to find the 'controls'."

Liz bronze medal

Liz with her bronze medal