Our visit to Google

In June 2017, we were invited to spend the day at the Google office in London. 

Read on to find out more about our visit.

We were introduced to Google by Media Trust.

Media Trust is a charity that gives a voice to other charities through training and volunteer matching with experts from the media industry.  

We were very lucky to be matched with a group of staff from Google who were taking part in the Google Serve scheme.

Each June, Google encourage their staff to leave their desks for a day to participate in service projects in their communities, ranging from cleaning graffiti to teaching people in prison. They also help match their staff to specific charities needs and allow them to use up to 20 hours of work time across the year to volunteer. This is what is called Google Serve. 

The aim of our visit to Google was to help us to improve the Take a Break Warwickshire website and to learn how to make it easier for our customers to find and use.

Our Google team for the day was Thomas, Eduardo, Andrea, Anton and Peter. They were all very friendly and were really interested to learn about what we do at TAB. They were also extremely clever with computers!

The Google headquarters is on a busy street in London. It is a very big building and it would take a long time to learn your way around it! There is a place to eat food, and you can choose anything that you would like to eat. There is also a place to have tea and coffee that looks like a park even though it is in the middle of the building because it has astroturf on the floor, and trees around the tables and there is even a boat that you can sit in! Have a look… 

A view from inside Google

We met the Google team first and got to know each other, and then we went to a room that was named after a famous computer engineer to get to work. 

The Google Serve team

We spent a long time looking at the TAB website and how it could be improved. We discussed the way it is laid out, and how it would work best for all the different people who use it. Then we split into different groups. Some of us carried on working with our existing website to make improvements and some of us started working on building a new test website. We also were given help to use all of the Google tools available to us as a charity that will make it easier for people to find us.

This is the start of a period of work to improve our website for everyone who uses it. We want to find out what our TAB customers, parents and carers of TAB customers, staff and professionals think about the website and what improvements they would like to see. 

We would like to thank the Media Trust for offering us this amazing opportunity. We would also like to send a huge thank you to Google and to Thomas, Eduardo, Andrea, Anton and Peter for spending the day with us and for working so hard! It was a really interesting day, and it was a great help to us.