OFSTED Report - Take a Break Warwickshire Playscheme

The OFSTED report of TABs Hatterspace Community Centre playscheme can be found here, or see below for some extracts from the report.

  • The provider and staff have a very secure knowledge and understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They plan appropriate and fun learning opportunities to meet the children's complex individual needs and interests. A wide range of toys and resources is available, particularly sensory resources.

  • Safeguarding and child protection are of paramount importance at the playscheme. The management team obtains relevant information from parents and carers and works alongside a range of agencies and other professionals. Children are supervised vigilantly and the premises are very secure. Comprehensive risk assessments are carried out for each child, as well as for the premises and for outings.

  • Highly specific information is obtained at home visits when children are registered at the playscheme. Their health is extremely well protected and their individual needs are fully met so that children are emotionally secure. Staff are very experienced and support the needs of all children.

  • Parents are very well informed about children's activities and well-being. They are encouraged to contribute to the effective self-evaluation process through their comments and suggestions. Improvements are regularly identified and addressed in order to continually improve children's learning experiences.

  • The management team implements effective monitoring systems to maintain the high quality of staff practice and professional development. There are good links with other early years providers and professionals with whom staff share ideas and good practice on a regular basis.