Individual Support

We provide flexible individual support for children and young people form birth to 18 years of age (and up to age 65 within our adult services). The individual support we provide falls into two main categories.

Individual Community Support Session

We provide support workers to accompany your child or young person to access facilities within your local community that they would otherwise be unable to access. This could be as simple as a trip to the park or could going swimming or support to access a community group such as the scouts. We will work hard to tailor the service around the needs and desires of the person in your care. (minimum 1 hour session)

Individual Home Based Support

We provide support staff to work within your own home, this could be to provide support with personal care needs or an evening sit to allows parents and carers the chance to go out in the evening. We are a C.Q.C Domiciliary Care Registered Service. (minimum 1 hour session) 

How to access?

For further information please contact 02476644909 or email

A service co-ordinator will discuss with you what you are looking for, and then will arrange a home visit to discuss your child or young person's needs in more detail, the support we can provide and the costs.

As a guide our current standard hourly rate is £14.45 (please note, in addition parents and carers are required to cover their child or young person's direct activity costs).